Join the Team

Weโ€™re so excited that you are interested in joining the Swarm for the 2023 season! Please fill out the below form SEPARATELY FOR EACH swimmer/ diver that you would like to register. A little extra typing on your part helps us to efficiently register each child with Suburban Swim & Dive League. We appreciate your help!

In the event that more children sign up than we can accommodate, preference will go to RVSTC members and previous members of Swarm, and (within those groups) those who sign up first. We hope that this will not happen, but we will reach out directly to you if you have registered but we do not have space for your swimmer/diver.

Registering swimmers/divers for the Swarm involves two steps:

STEP ONE: Fill out the registration form for EACH child using the link below.
To register, go to Swarm Registration 2023. Please note that senior swimmers (age 15 or older as of June 1, 2023) only need to complete Step One.

STEP TWO: Make a single payment for all children using cash, check or a credit card.

To make a payment:
1) Figure out how much you owe. Please use the chart above to determine the price for each child you are signing up.
2) Decide how you will pay.

To pay with cash or check, sum the prices for each child that you determined using the chart so that you can make a single payment for all swimmers/divers that you are registering. To submit your payment, please come to Information Night (5/08/23 5-7pm) at the Old Mill, contact Lindsay & Ann (swim) and Gabby (dive) by email at, or mail your check to Swarm, PO Box 56, Rose Valley, PA 19065.

To pay with a credit card, use the check boxes below to select a separate payment for EACH child that you are registering. Remember that if you are a RVSTC member, the first price you select will be a FULL price, all the rest will be discount prices.

Registration for members will open on May 8, 2023.

Registration for non-members will open on May 22, 2023.