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Swim & Dive Info

Welcome to the Swarm

Rose Valley Swim & Tennis Club in Rose Valley, PA is home to a summer swim and dive team known as “The Swarm”. Our team participates in the Suburban Swim League in suburban Philadelphia. ​Our team is a teaching based program that develops competitive swimmers from ages 6 to 18 (must pass big pool swim test at opening practice) while promoting a fun and safe swim experience. Swimmers on our small team get the attention they need to develop good form. Practices are divided into aerobic conditioning, skill building drills, and a heavy dose of fun.

Join the Swarm for practice weekday afternoons! 


    • Swim team: Members  $125.
    • Swim & Dive team: Members: $175
    • Dive team only: Members $100.

Not ready to join the Swarm but want to start somewhere?  Check out our group lessons

Big Pool Test: One lap, on stomach, arms mostly over and out of water, followed by treading water for 1 minute, followed by jumping off diving board.

Questions about the Swarm? Email our team administrators Ann, Carrie, Allie and Gabby at rosevalleyswarm1@gmail.com

Our Mission Statement

The RVST summer swim and dive teams are dedicated to offering our athletes and their families an opportunity to participate in organized sport in a setting that promotes inclusion, growth and fellowship. All swimmers and divers are valuable, contributing, members of our teams. While competitiveness is valued, it is primarily a tool for swimmers or divers to achieve their personal bests and unite around common goals. Our approach to team building encourages camaraderie and the development of bonds, such that everyone encourages and takes pride in each other during all levels of competition. We strive to cultivate an atmosphere of caring, integrity, discipline, and good sportsmanship, that inspires each swimmer or diver to achieve their maximum potential, both as an individual and as a teammate.

We regard summer swimming and diving to be an enriching childhood experience of joy, laughter, and friendships. A foundational purpose of our teams is to provide our swim and dive communities with a fun activity that nurtures the growth of new relationships and the strengthening of old ones. As a result, family involvement is a key element to the success of our teams. We both count on families to serve as significant supports to the teams and consider family as integral members of our teams. The environment we work to provide fosters the development of team spirit through the commitment of the group to the above values and principles.


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2024 Coaching Staff

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