Swim Lessons

We’re so excited that you are interested in joining Group
Swim Lessons for the 2021 season!

Beginning Swim Lessons will start June 22nd and will take place Tuesday-Thursday at 9:00 am – 10:00 am (depending on skill level) in the middle pool.

To take advantage of this membership offering, be sure to join the pool or renew your membership through the Current Members page!


Lesson Structure

Rose Valley Pool is offering group swim lessons led by staff members. The purpose of the lessons is to give extra pool exposure to our young non swimming members. The focus will be to reinforce water safety and teach new swimming skills. Swimmers will be separated into groups by their ability. If you are interested in these swim lessons, be sure to join or renew your membership to the pool! Current members can sign up and provide parent and swimmer name and estimated swimming level by logging into the current member page also linked above. Any questions about the lessons can be sent to the Pool Manager.

Level 1:

Introduction to Water Skills

Swimmers learn basic mechanics of swimming. Safety rules and introductory lifesaving techniques are also taught at this level. Level one is for new swimmers with very little swim lesson experience.
Basics include:

  • Bubbles
  • Floating on their back
  • Submerging their head underwater
  • Coordinating arm and leg movement
  • Kicking
Level 2:

Fundamental Aquatic Skills

Swimmers are able to do some basic strokes but will need support.  Breathing and freestyle arms will be the focus. Swimmers must also be able to submerge their face in the water.
Basics include:

  • Freestyle arms
  • Streamline
  • Breathing technique
Level 3:

Stroke Development & Deep Water Preparation

Swimmers will swim without support. In this level swimmers can swim but need more practice to improve strength, consistency, and technique. The swimmers in this level are close to passing the deep water test. Safety rules and lifesaving skills are also taught at this level.
Basics include:

  • Refining stroke freestyle technique
  • Treading water
  • Proper breathing technique

Please fill the form out SEPARATELY FOR EACH swimmer that you would like to register.

This product is available to be purchased for members only.

Registering swimmers for Group Swim Lessons involves two steps:

STEP ONE: Fill out the registration form for EACH child using the link below.
STEP TWO: Make a single payment for all children using check or credit card below.

Registration ends July 20th.


Group Swim Lessons

The focus will be on reinforcing water safety and teaching new skills. The program includes specially designed activities in aquatics. Children will be separated into groups by ability. For ages 3-10. Lessons will take place Tuesday-Thursday at 9:00 am - 10:00am depending on skill level. Each session will have 6 lessons. Each lesson is 25 minutes. Session 1: June 22-July 1 Session 2: July 6-July 15 Session 3: July 20-29

This product can no longer be purchased


Private lessons are currently full, check back later for openings!

Private lessons are scheduled through Monica Fisher; please email or call: rosevalleypoolmanagement@gmail.com or 610-304-6918 and include the following information:

-Member name, phone number, email address
-Swimmer name(s)
-Swimmer age(s)
-Swimmer’s level of ability
-Availability for scheduling

Private Lessons are $30 for 30 minutes and payable upon completion of the lesson using a QR code at the Gate House or by check. Private lessons are in high demand so please be patient with scheduling.

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